My Mission

In the process of becoming an author, I took the time to create a mission statement for my life. It serves as a focal point and reminder when I feel lost in my direction or purpose.

Mission Statement: I exist eternally to love God and be loved by Him; I exist presently to influence the world with the light of life through everyday interactions of peace and hope, and through opportunities of favor for empowering the people toward reconciliation with one another and with God.

This is a lot to unpack but each part of it is important to me. The first section reminds me that Jesus died and rose again for me to live eternally. This is foundational to my faith because an eternal perspective brings hope and power than a temporal perspective could never offer. The second section reminds me that I have purpose in this fleeting life. I want to reflect God to those around me in a way that invites them into freedom. This mission stems from a declaration of my identity I made years ago.

Declaration of Identity: I am known and delighted in by our gracious God who is making me beautiful, leading me in abundant life, and sustaining me with the fullness of joy from His Spirit dwelling in me.

This statement came from months of writing and rewriting my testimony, discovering what God has been doing through significant moments of my life thus far, and recognizing how His work in my life transforms me into His likeness. God knows me. God loves me. He is gracious. He makes me beautiful. He gives me a full life. He sustains me. He is my joy. He is always with me. These are the statements of truth I’ve found as I’ve looked over my life.

Investing the time to pray through my history has resulted in confidence for today and hope for my future. Whether I write, speak, sing, or serve, I want it to overflow from a heart of knowing God and what He thinks about me. This will be an ongoing progress but one thing I know- it will keep getting better. God is working all things together for my good so I must believe that as I live, I will be able to testify of His goodness more and more.

My prayer for you today is that you would be enlightened to the goodness of God in your own story, and know His thoughts toward you which outnumber the grains of sand (Psalm 139). I pray that you would live in the confidence that God’s love for you provides and that love would overflow from you into your world. I pray you would become a co-laborer with Christ, redeeming the world around you one miracle at a time.

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Author and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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