Featured on UGA Wesley Next Steps: Our Greatest Hope

Albert Barnes wrote a commentary on Romans 5:2 with an inspired understanding of hope in God. His revelation was my stepping stone to more confidence in God and all God has for me. Hope was less of a vague concept after reading his thoughts that follow:

“In hope: In the earnest desire and expectation of obtaining that glory. Hope is a complex emotion made up of a desire for an object; and an expectation of obtaining it. Where either of these is lacking, there is not hope. Where they are mingled in improper proportions, there is not peace. But where the desire of obtaining an object is attended with an expectation of obtaining it, in proportion to that desire, there exists that peaceful, happy state of mind which we denominate hope and the apostle here implies that the Christian has an earnest desire for that glory; and that he has a confident expectation of obtaining it. The result of that he immediately states to be, that we are sustained in our afflictions.”

Hope is different from optimism (a positive outlook); it is the conviction that what you want is something you can get.  That is why we can boast in hope of the glory of God.  Our expectation of obtaining it is not in question for those of us in Christ.  It cannot be taken away or hindered.  By His grace He brought us into a glorious inheritance, by His love we are more than conquerors.

I had desires and expectations for many things that are now lost to the pandemic, but I am not resigned to hopelessness.  Neither are you.  Ask God daily to deepen your desire for Him and His glory.  His goodness, His nearness, His kindness, His joy, His peace are all gifts for you. You unwrap them by the desire and expectation to receive from your generous, extravagant Father.  

For all the loss we feel as the semester comes to a close, I pray you would hear the hope of glory calling your name.  As plans pause and unravel, I pray you would have the grace to grieve and dream again.  And when all the pieces of your life begin to fall into place once more, I pray that Christ will remain your greatest hope.  That way when all the world is shaking throughout your life, you will not be shaken.  You will be standing on a firm foundation, still in love with Jesus, established as a safe haven for those around you.

Author | Savannah Ugan

Featured on: http://www.wesleynextsteps.com

Published by savannahugan

Author and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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