Knowing God More

I don’t know what I don’t know. It’s one of the things that bothers me most about being human. Wouldn’t it be easier if we could be omniscient?

In place of omniscience, I have insatiable curiosity. There’s a not-so-hidden side of me that gets lost in reddit threads for science fiction stories and a collection of books dispersed through my bookshelves on quantum physics and neuroscience. I love to learn and I love to know.

One of the ways I realize I don’t know what I don’t know about God is reading the Bible. The Word is quick to humble my perception of how much I know and bring up questions in me. I think the internet can be a tricky place to find credible resources on Scripture (by the way, thanks for reading my blog). One of the best resources we have available is the people we know.

God reveals Himself to His children through the lenses of our own experiences and perceptions. How I understand the kindness of God is going to be different than how you have understood the kindness. Those small journeys to knowing God are testimonies. We build each others’ faith as we share them with each other because we are able to witness trustworthy examples of God being kind.

Conversations with others about verses and biblical themes add to our perception of God. This is one of the many ways God has revealed Himself through creation. Our individual experiences with God contribute to the strengthening of the Church just as others’ experiences with God can lead us into more hope for our own lives.

So now what?

Try to become more aware of what you don’t know. Read a part of the Bible you don’t understand. Sift through commentaries or revisit a Christian classic. Consider the characteristics of God that feel unfamiliar to you. How do you know Him as patient? How have you seen Him be just? When have you experienced His goodness?

Then find someone to talk about those things with. Ask for stories of their own experiences. Show up with no agenda other than to know more of God together. You don’t have to agree with them and I definitely wouldn’t recommend debates over disagreements. Listen to learn how God has drawn them closer to Himself.

As you begin to open the door of the knowledge of God, you’ll see there’s much more to explore than you knew before. There is always more. Be a gift of some of the knowledge of God to someone in your life today and let someone be that for you. You’ll never know what you can happen until you try.

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Author and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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