Nap DT

Once a semester during my internship experience at the UGA Wesley Foundation, a beautiful, magical, wildly-unprofessional hour and a half would occur that I relished and will forever cherish: nap dt.*

Taking in the sweet smell of our home away from home, our discipleship group would claim every deep couch, cozy chair, and cloud-like bed on the main floor of our discipler’s house. We spent the time relaxing, not worrying about work, and inevitably falling asleep swaddled in oversized neutral-toned blankets. Little did I know, our discipler was teaching us about resting intentionally. This was one of the best lessons I learned and one of the best ways I’ve learned a lesson.

“Naps can be miraculous life-giving activities.” For My Girls

Not every day, but some days, you need a short-term Sabbath– a literal dream session with God. Elijah did this in 1 Kings 19. As soon as he needed to wake up, an angel woke him up. Jacob did this in Genesis 28 and woke up exclaiming “Surely the Lord is in this place!” My favorite is in Jonah 4 when God provided a leafy plant to grow over him and ease his discomfort. Your Bible says it made Jonah very happy. We even see Jesus, the exact representation of the Father, napping on the boat in Mark 4.

If you need permission to take a step back and relax, you have it. We have no quota to fill with God, He just wants us to live. Part of living is sleeping. We aren’t letting go of responsibilities, we aren’t running away from our problems, we aren’t wasting time. We’re intentionally taking a quick nap, being very happy, and going on our way.

Don’t slow your roll if you’re in the zone. But if you’re exhausted and becoming robotic, take a breather. Your work will still be there when you awaken snuggled-up and bright-eyed to the life around you and within you.

*dt stands for discipleship time– the hour+ I would meet with my discipler individually or with our discipleship group

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