Why You Should Treat Yourself Today

One of the most needed development strategies I’ve seen as an Emotional Intelligence coach is for you to treat yourself.

I’m not joking. Self regard, assertiveness, independence, impulse control, and optimism can all be improved by simply treating yourself.

What is treating yourself?

For an in-depth understanding (and engagement) of treating yourself, refer to Parks and Recreation Season 4 Episode 4 “Pawnee Rangers.” For a quick definition: it’s whatever makes you feel good. Acceptable ways to treat yourself include:

Buying a coffee, singing in your car, hanging out with friends, silent disco, pleasure reading, taking a bubble bath, going on vacation, a self-five.

The treat can be as inexpensive or grandiose as you want it to be (or can afford it to be). The goal is just to celebrate you.

When do you treat yourself?

These are the situations, for your own personal and professional growth, that you need to treat yourself:

When you achieve something
When you reach a benchmark of success
When you are rewarded for something
When you present an idea well
When you speak up even though you’re scared to
When you accomplish something on your own
When you haven’t been truly present in a while
When you have been taking life too seriously
When you get through something difficult

Celebrating yourself should become a normal part of your life because you’re worth celebrating. It makes life fun. It relieves pressure. No matter how many reasons are out there to think birthdays and holidays are pointless, Hallmark-money-makers, celebration makes us better people. Even the Grinch found the value of a little generosity and cheer.

Take a quick survey of your life and pick something to treat yourself for. If there’s nothing, go accomplish one thing and celebrate that. You have permission to like who you are and be proud of what you do. You were created with a purpose to create, produce, and connect. Those should bring life, not just exhaustion.

You’re doing a good job. Pause and look at all you’ve done, then acknowledge that it’s good.

Published by savannahugan

Author and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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