There’s Good in Everyone

Feature by Ansley B

There’s good in everyone. Except for that stubborn sibling, right? Wrong. There’s good in them too– we both know it.

I have recently started watching [Sweet Magnolias] with one of the main character’s being the “other woman”. When we think of someone in this role, we tend to think of a home wrecker. Someone who knew what they were getting into, and yet chose to hurt others for their own pleasure.

But in this show, I think they paint this woman very differently. While I do not agree with all the choices she made, she’s not this villain the viewers should hate for a couple of bad decisions. I think there’s grace for her and the writers are trying to give her it by the way they write her story. You come to see that she is loving, intentional, and caring. I bet those aren’t synonyms you would use to describe the “other woman” in other people’s lives.

Who is the “other woman” in your life? That person you refuse to believe they are anything but evil. Maybe the one who has hurt you the most.

Now that you have that person in mind, think about this. God is good. In His goodness, He created each of us. This includes Satan. Therefore, even the most evil was derived of something good.

Think about that. There is no way (as much as you would love to believe it) that your person can outdo Satan in evil. And he came from good. Doesn’t that blow your mind?

How would the way you love people change if you shifted your view to look for the good in everyone? Who needs you to believe in the good that is within them? And if you’re like me, believe in the good within yourself. Because you have it, too.

And about the person you had in your mind earlier– how would your relationship with them be different if you saw their good?

Love them. Not just because the Bible commands it. But also because of those who choose everyday to see the good in you. As others give you that grace when you mess up, give someone else that grace and lift up their good.

Not everyone is good. But everyone has good within them. Remember that.

I love each of you! Feel free to follow me on Instagram, @ansley.renfroe

Xx, Ansley B

Ansley paired with me for discipleship her sophomore year of college and continues to amaze me with her devotion to God and love for others. You can read more of her posts at

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