Permission to be Brave

“Jesus is so good at making things clean. Run to the Father, and you’ll find the path under you is righteousness.” -For My Girls

I want you to answer this question:

What good thing would you do if you were a little braver?

You can think of an answer in terms of a relationship, your time with God, your job, plans you’ve made, goals for your life, finances, maybe even personal development. Keep whatever it is in mind because we’re circling back to it at the end.

When I’m driving anywhere outside city limits, I put the address in my GPS and follow the directions. It doesn’t matter if there’s a shortcut or if know the way to go. I will most likely make a wrong turn, usually distracted by performing Ariana Grande songs with my water cup as a microphone, and not make it to where I’m going in time. On more than one occasion I was supposed to drive to Lawrenceville and accidentally circled the loop around Athens for an hour.

Without my GPS and with a little concentration, I have a fantastic sense of direction. I force myself to make sense of the roads I do know to get me to where I want to go. When I rely on my memory and intuition, I push myself to stay focused but take the risk of getting lost. When I rely on my GPS, my route is secure but I’m just coasting. Both ways get me to the same destination, but they serve different purposes.

Righteousness is similar. There’s enough truth in the Word to sustain your faith. You can absolutely read it, do what it says, and coast through life. I don’t believe God will love you any less. The destination you’ve set is eternity with Jesus so that’s awesome. At times, it’s completely necessary so that you can enjoy the ride of life.

Other times, you take a chance on what the Holy Spirit is leading you in. You have to focus a little more on what you think God is saying and make sense of what you do know in light of where you want to go. You take the risk of getting it wrong. But you’ll learn more and get to be amazed at what you’re capable of.

Righteousness is a blend of spirit and truth, written and spoken, security and risk, enjoyment and challenge. These don’t have to compete with each other. They balance your life and provide different experiences for your journey with God.

I want you to be brave today and take a risk. Think of the answer to that question at the top and ask God if it’s okay to go for it. If it is loving, God-honoring, and wise, you’ve probably got a green light. If you can’t decide, check with someone whose faith you admire.

Like Peter, take a step out of the boat and see how long you can keep your eyes on Jesus. It’s okay if you fall. He’ll catch you and get you back in the boat. He’ll calm the winds in a moment. I believe He’s calling us to take leaps of faith. How are you going to respond today?

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Author and Emotional Intelligence Coach.

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