Resources to Understand Systemic Racism

Watching this video will take the same amount of time you would normally take to read one of my blog posts:

Educating yourself and others on social issues is the first step toward change. We have to acknowledge the problems so we can work toward the solutions. Be brave enough to ask questions and be kind enough to listen. I’ve compiled a few graphs from the PEW Research Center on disparities between races that helped me understand the enormity of our need for justice.

While we are making progress, we are not finished yet. Thank you for using your voices and choosing to love. I’m hopeful that real change is happening and will continue to bring equality.

As I was worshiping in my car last night, I felt inspired to write about what I’ve been learning the past few days. I’ll leave it as my last words to you today:

I close my eyes
Because if I look then I’ll see
If I see then I’ll care
And I only have so much to give
There’s only so much I can do
But what is love if not stronger than death?
What is grace if not greater than sins?
What is hope if not belief in miracles?
One step toward peace
For those who now rest
For those who still fight
For those who yet live
Another step toward peace
From the mistakes of the past
From the ways we fall short
From the promises we break
Chains don’t just break
Laws don’t just change
Wounds don’t just heal
I can break
I can change
I can heal
You can break
You can change
You can heal
We choose to step forward
Or we choose to sit still

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