Savannah Ugan is a winsome author launching her new book For My Girls. A scientific mind with the gift of gab, Savannah unpacks the complexities of Scripture in easily understandable and applicable ways. The depth of insight in her writing is complemented by the honest emotions of her experiences, inviting her readers into life transformation sustained by the power of knowing love.

As much as Savannah enjoys writing, she is even more grateful for her years working in ministry. She has served in discipleship, emotional intelligence coaching, and worship leading, finding the same sense of purpose and joy in one-on-one meetings as she does traveling for speaking engagements.

Savannah loves her wild family, her hilarious group of friends, her incredible discipleship girls, and her extra-large lapdog. Above all, she loves to enjoy life with the Holy Spirit.

Thank you for showing up here. You belong. -Savannah

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