Processing through disappointment and other feelings

Processing through disappointment and other feelings:  You may be experiencing disappointment because you have lost things from this, and that is very real. It’s actually essential that you let yourself fully experience the emotions of those losses right now, through healthy grief.  If you don’t let yourself feel, then you may accidentally shove it downContinue reading “Processing through disappointment and other feelings”

Breakfast and Exercise

I’ve been spending the last few weeks reading through 1 Chronicles. I don’t love it. I’ll find something intriguing every few chapters but overall it feels like a retelling of 1 and 2 Samuel. Genealogies, battles, and not a whole lot of obvious theology like Paul’s letters offer. I was complaining to my friend aboutContinue reading “Breakfast and Exercise”

Resources to Understand Systemic Racism

Watching this video will take the same amount of time you would normally take to read one of my blog posts: Educating yourself and others on social issues is the first step toward change. We have to acknowledge the problems so we can work toward the solutions. Be brave enough to ask questions and beContinue reading “Resources to Understand Systemic Racism”

How Can You Act on George Floyd’s Behalf

I continue to share in the grief resulting from overt and covert inequality, and the anger rising to match the horrific injustices that fill the news. I am encouraged by the bravery and compassion of Americans from all around who have refused to give into hopelessness for our very lost nation. I am sorry forContinue reading “How Can You Act on George Floyd’s Behalf”